Given a SummarizedBenchmark object, returns a list of lists of performance metrics that have been defined for each assay. Optionally, if assay = is specified, performance metrics for only the specified subset of specified assays are returned.

performanceMetrics(object, ...)

# S4 method for SummarizedBenchmark
performanceMetrics(object, assay = NULL)



a SummarizedBenchmark object.


futher arguments, perhaps used by methods.


a character string indicating an assay name.


A SimpleList with one element for each assay. Each element of the list contains a list of performance metric functions.

See also


data(sb) performanceMetrics(sb)
#> List of length 2 #> names(2): qvalue logFC
performanceMetrics(sb, assay = "qvalue")
#> List of length 1 #> names(1): qvalue