Takes a BenchDesign object, the name of an existing method, and new parameter specifications, and returns a modified BenchDesign object with the specified changes.

modifyMethod(bd, label, params, .overwrite = FALSE)



BenchDesign object.


Character name of method to be modified.


Named quosure list created using quos of parameter = value paiars to replace in the method definition. The post, and meta parameters of the method can be modified using the special keywords, bd.post, and bd.meta (the prefix denoting that these values should modify BenchDesign parameters). All other named parameters will be added to the list of parameters to be passed to func.


Logical whether to overwrite the complete existing list of parameters to be passed to func (TRUE), or to simply add the new parameters to the existing list and only replace overlapping parameters (FALSE). (default = FALSE)


Modified BenchDesign object with single method parameters modified.

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## empty BenchDesign bench <- BenchDesign() ## add method bench <- addMethod(bench, label = "qv", func = qvalue::qvalue, post = function(x) { x$qvalue }, meta = list(note = "storey's q-value"), params = rlang::quos(p = pval)) ## modify method 'meta' property of 'qv' method bench <- modifyMethod(bench, label = "qv", params = rlang::quos(bd.meta = list(note = "Storey's q-value"))) ## verify that method has been updated printMethod(bench, "qv")
#> qv --------------------------------------------------------- #> BenchDesign Method (BDMethod) ------------------------------ #> method: qvalue::qvalue #> function (p, fdr.level = NULL, pfdr = FALSE, lfdr.out... #> parameters: #> p : pval #> post: #> default : function (x) { ... #> meta: #> note : "Storey's q-value"